Shulamit Bismanovsky
Founder and director Kidylnd Gardens Network, a doctoral
 student in Early
Childhood Education 
A good start is what really matters
Looking for a kindergarten where your child
 will receive tender loving care?
You reached the right kindergarten!
There is nothing like lots of love and affection as well as encouragement to establish a relationship with your child that would lead to achievements in all of the following areas:
  Empowering your child's self-confidence and self-esteem.
  Developing your child's creativity, imagination and
    readiness for learning
  Providing your child with the tools required for
    successfully handlingthe challenges that life presents
  Cultivating your child's innate abilities and skills in
    order  to realize his/her huge potential.
Why kidyland?
In addition to the love and affection given to the children at Kidyland, we work according to a proven method and multi-annual curriculum.
The Bismanovsky Method – Named after Shulamit Bismanovsky, Founder and director of the Kidyland kindergarten chain.
The Bismanovsky Method is based on know-how, vast experience and studies that have been conducted throughout the world in the field of early childhood education. This method has demonstrated success for over 15 years due to the toddlers' achievements.

The Bismanovsky Method
This method involves the use of unique teaching and learning strategies and is based on two major principles of scientific data:
  The first two years are the most important period of 
    time for your child's development.
  Your child is born with the potential of a genius.
This means that the first years have a crucial impact on your child's later years of life. The more he/she absorbs during these years, the more successful he/she will become later on. This unique method has developed into a multi-annual curriculum, leading your child towards optimal functioning in the five most important areas: the development of motor skills and language as well as emotional, social and cognitive development.

   Your child will not even be aware that he/she is learning
This is the best part of the Bismanovsky Method. From the minute he/she enters the kindergarten up until the time he/she leaves – your child is constantly learning more and more without being aware of it. How is this possible? Very easily.
The tools that we use to implement this method are: play, movement, music and experience. The results can easily be seen.
  On a daily basis – In the morning, when you bring your child to the kindergarten, and see the happiness and excitement he/she feels. When you collect him/her in the afternoon and see how happy he/she is. You will then realize that he/she is enjoying himself/herself.  
  On the level of readiness for the future – Educators in the municipal kindergartens and schools are impressed with the success achieved by the Kidyland graduates in the areas of learning, social activities and their leadership skills. Some graduates learn in accelerated and advanced classrooms during their high school years, reaching very high achievements.
  We are with you after the Kindergarten activity hours
Our philosophy is to maintain ongoing communication between the kindergarten and the home. This is why we have adopted a technique intended to maintain this important communication. In our daily communication with the parents, we report on each unique achievement that your child has made and on each point requiring reinforcement. In our monthly communication, we produce the Kidyton (the Kidyland newsletter), which is distributed to parents prior to each event, holiday or a new season. The newsletter includes updates on the kindergarten activities, special events, important notices etc. A few of the kindergarten teachers send newsletters through the e-mail as well. In order to strengthen the communication with all the parents, we have activities, such as shows, parties on holidays and trips on which the parents accompany their children. In addition – our website can be used by the parents as well as an Online Chat for two hours a day, making it possible to have conversations and discussions on matters involving your child's education.
  Two more points that you should be aware of
There are two points that make Kidyland unique:
  1. The Pedagogic Team – In addition to the pedagogic team working at the kindergarten on a daily basis under the guidance of the kindergarten teacher or the kindergarten principal, we employ a pedagogic inspector, who is constantly in charge, addressing the needs of each child. This is done in order to conduct one-on-one activities for children who exhibit some weakness or special strengths. This way, we attempt to encourage each child in a way that is appropriate for him/her.

2. The Expert – Kidyland is employing a consultant specializing in parent guidance. The expert who is part of Kidyland's pedagogic team is available to the parents free of charge. She can provide parents with tips on children's discipline issues, tips and methods to help children stop using a pacifier, bedwetting or insisting on sleeping with the parents as well as tips on eating disorders etc.

 To have your child registered at Kidyland kindergarten,
please call the registration office: